Acri Commercial RealtyEnhance your homeowner experience by enrolling in the Acri Home and Appliance Protection Program.

Call just one phone number when any of your home systems breakdown. Eliminate the fear of being “ripped off” by unscrupulous vendors and the shock of a home repair bill. Choose any of the Protection plans below or choose them all for $54.95 per month



Line Protection- Protect the utility lines that service your home.

  • Water Service Line- Protect the waterline that runs from the curb to your meter for $4.00 per month (up to $2,500.00)
  • Gas Service Line- Protect the line that runs from the curb to your meter for $4.00 per month (up to $2,500.00)
  • Gas In-House Line- Protect the gas line that runs from your meter to your gas appliances for $4.00 per month (up to $2,500.00)
  • Sewer Line- Protect the sanitary sewer line that runs from the foundation of your home to the main line for $6.00 per month (up to $8,000.00)
  • Restoration Protection- For an additional $1.50 per month, we will restore existing concrete, asphalt, lawn, and/or mulch beds after your underground line is repaired (up to $1,500.00).


Heating and Cooling Protection- Protect the comfort systems that service your home.

  • Heating Protection- Protect your furnace for $7.50 per month (up to $600.00)
  • Air Conditioning Protection- Protect your air conditioner for $7.50 per month (up to $600.00)
  • Appliance Protection- Protect your clothes washer, dryer, kitchen refrigerator, built-in microwave, dishwasher, and garbage disposal for $30.00 per month (subject to a $50.00 service call fee)




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